RNG Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about our Random Number Generator? Please see the list of frequently asked questions below. If your question is not addressed here, feel free to contact our support team.

► Why do I get repeating numbers when using the Remove duplicates option?

Make sure that the selected range of numbers is not too small to generate the selected number of unique numbers. In this case the app shows the warning message. To avoid the problem, please change either the quantity of generated numbers or the range. ▲ 

► When using 'Two Ranges' is there a way to not have duplicates shared between the two ranges, in addition to removing duplicates within a range?

Using the Remove duplicates check box, you may prevent repeating numbers within a range. Ufortunately, the current version of RNG does not allow to exclude duplicates shared between the two ranges. ▲ 

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► Where can I find recently generated numbers?

When the Back ◄ and Forward ► buttons in the top menu are active, you can use them to browse the app history and view and recall your recently generated numbers.
In addition, clicking the three-line menu icon ☰ in the top menu opens the history tape with the list of generated numbers. This list is available in the read-only mode and can be shared via email. ▲ 

► How can I get six sequences of random numbers?

As the app allows you to generate numbers in one or two independent ranges at a time, to get six sequences, you may either repeat the process of generating six times (for one range) or three times (for two ranges). In case of two ranges, the lowest and the highest values as well as the amount of numbers are set separately for each range. ▲ 

► Can I display generated numbers in columns?

Yes, you could output generated numbers either in a string (numbers are separated by space) or in columns (max nine columns). The output format option can be changed in the Settings window.
By default, generated numbers are displayed in a string. If you generate random numbers in two ranges, they are shown in different colors. ▲ 

► What operating systems will RNG run on?

You can use Random Number Generator on Windows and Mac computers, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices. ▲ 

► Why can I no longer use the online app that I have been using for the last few years?

As Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash that is used in the web version of RNG and all major web browsers are discontinuing Flash support we have to discontinue support for the online version. We realize that users of our online random number generator may be disappointed but we are not able to influence the situation. We are planning to bring the online version of RNG back using new web standards but it will take some time. But we have the downloadable version of RNG which is available for most modern computers and mobile devices. ▲ 

► Why is the ‘Different adjacent digits‘ option not always available?

The ‘Different adjacent digits‘ option is available in the Settings window only if you generate random numbers with the specific length by selecting the 'Random number length’ option. It is not available for the ‘Random numbers between’ or ’Two ranges’ options. ▲ 

► How can I print the results?

You may resend generated numbers via email by clicking
in the the left corner of the Result window or History window and then print the results from the email. ▲ 

► Can your program generate random numbers from more than 2 ranges at a time. I work at an accounting firm and we are looking for a program that we can use to create samples from specified ranges. However, most programs have a max limit of 5 ranges. We need one that can have up to 30 ranges.

It is possible to create a custom version of RNG that will generate random numbers in more ranges at a time. You may contact us about the custom version using the online form on our website. ▲ 

► Can RNG be customized to generate 25 random numbers (whole numbers, no repeats) from a population of ranges (example 30 ranges) without the need to input quantity for each range?

Yes, we can customize the look and functionality of the app to fit your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us with the details of customization. ▲ 

► Is your random app pseudo or not?

The Random Number Generator app uses the special algorithm to generate pseudo random numbers. ▲ 

► We have made a giant movie list off of which we select a film to watch every night. Each movie has a number, and, to make it fun, we use the random number generator to select the film of the night. The problem is we want to pick a random number from a list which removes the movies we watch each night, which is to say we need to pick a number between 1 and 50 excluding the movies we have watched -- say 10, 38, and 2. Does your app offers the option to exclude certain numbers?

Unfortunately, current version does not allow to exclude certain numbers from a range. We could recommend that you generate a whole list of numbers without repetition and then use it. Now we are working on adding the exclude numbers option. ▲ 

Saturday, June 22, 2024
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